Traffic Offenders Program

ThinkFirst Corporate / Community Traffic Safety

Sentencing Alternative for High-Risk Drivers

The ThinkFirst Traffic Offenders Program (TOP) is a hospital-based experiential program designed specifically to educate high-risk drivers about the consequences of motor vehicle trauma. During the program, court-ordered traffic offenders follow the same path they would have taken had they been seriously injured in a crash. By providing a graphic and realistic view of life as a crash survivor, traffic offenders realize the full impact of their unsafe driving behavior.



The day begins with a descriptive presentation on the dynamics of crash and injury. Then, the Trauma Services Coordinator gives a tour of the Frank Mitchell, MD, Level 1 Trauma Center Emergency Services followed by a tour of the hospital’s morgue with a Forensic Investigator. Next, survivors of trauma explain what it’s like to survive a car crash and live with a permanent disability. A Missouri State Highway Patrol officer concludes the day by explaining their role in traffic safety and answering questions from participants.


Eligibility: High-risk drivers, including young drivers, speeding offenders, C&I, DWI, DUI and MIP offenders, and drivers with multiple offenses
Availability: TOP classes are conducted on the 1st Friday of each month
Location: University Hospital-Columbia, MO
Time: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Fee: $70.00


TOP was developed in partnership with Missouri traffic judges & court administrators and is considered a powerful intervention for those hard-to-reach traffic offenders. Since its inception in 1987, TOP has been replicated across the United States and in Canada. Similar programs in Missouri are conducted in Kansas City, Springfield and Cape Girardeau.

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Program Location

University Hospital
Room 1L-03
(Next to Essentials Café in lobby)
1 Hospital Drive, Columbia, MO 65212

Call : (573) 882-2372
Fax : (573) 884-4540
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ThinkFirst Missouri
University of Missouri
Department of
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One Hospital Drive, Dc046.00
Columbia, MO 65212

About ThinkFirst Missouri

ThinkFirst Missouri is an award-winning prevention program presented by inspiring survivors of brain and spinal cord injuries. Through compelling firsthand testimonies, audiences learn about the consequences of injuries and how injuries can happen to anyone. These sobering, yet motivational messages urge everyone to take personal responsibility and make safe choices.