ThinkFirst Kansas City

Program Highlights

  • ThinkFirst of Greater Kansas City was founded in 1987 and is a program of The Research Foundation.
  • Founding neurosurgeon and sponsoring physician - Robert A. Morantz, MD.
  • The chapter has 6 VIP speakers who deliver more than 200 school-based programs reaching more than 40,000 youth annually.
  • Chapter staff members serve on the Greater Kansas City Regional Destination Safe Coalition, Safe Kids Metro KC and the Drive Wisely Wyandotte Coalition.
  • ThinkFirst of Greater Kansas City was named 2008 Chapter of the Year by the ThinkFirst National Injury Prevention Foundation.
  • ThinkFirst of Greater Kansas City was awarded in 2014 with the Tempe Humphrey Youth Safety Award by Missouri's Coalition for Roadway Safety. The Tempe Humphrey award is a statewide award recognizing an individual or group who has made a significant impact in the area of youth or teen safety.
  • The Young Traffic Offenders Program (YTOP) was established in Greater Kansas City to offer area judges through seven circuit and municipal courts a way to deter young people from speeding, driving impaired and other driving-related offenses. The program is attended by drivers ages 15 to 24. In partnership with Research Medical Center, Centerpoint Medical Center and Truman Medical Center, a total of 30 YTOP programs are conducted annually reaching over 600 youth.





About ThinkFirst Missouri

ThinkFirst Missouri is an award-winning prevention program presented by inspiring survivors of brain and spinal cord injuries. Through compelling firsthand testimonies, audiences learn about the consequences of injuries and how injuries can happen to anyone. These sobering, yet motivational messages urge everyone to take personal responsibility and make safe choices.